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Series 60VHT150103.92.86
Series 63VHT170155.54.04
Series 47VHT16023107.35Ex
Series 66VHT250462014.7Ex
Series 69VHT80181511.02
Series 70VHT10010024.718.2
Series 71VHT11018848.835.9Ex
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Watech AS offers a wide program of pumps from leading manufacturers in Europe and the USA.

Our special area is piston pumps in the range 50 – 4000 bar, 5 – 896 LPM, with brands like Pratissoli and Interpump. Watech also leads brands such as NLB, WSI and Cadoppi. Høytrykkspumpene can be used in most industries. We spesialtilpasser the product according to your needs and can supply finished units with electro, diesel or hydraulic operation. The Interpump series HT (high temperature) has been proven to be extremely reliable when using high temperature liquids, in fact using a higher temperature than originally designed. Therefore, the HT series has been renamed: VHT (Very High Temperature) and the new range can be used for liquids up to 110 °c.

The table shows our most popular interpump pumps. Click on each one for more information.

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