Abrajet Cold Slicing-Mobile water carving

Watech AS can offer water cutting Offshore and on flammable areas.

We have developed a new system called Abrajet, a water-loving system that can be used on-and offshore, under water down to 500-600 meters and in flammable areas. When using the water cutting method, do not remove paint and oils before cutting. As known, the paint and oil products emit hazardous waste and fire can occur. With water carving is cut cold, controlled and has no environmental disadvantages. The equipment can easily be adapted to tight areas where the beam can be controlled by the operator.

Watech has conducted several offshore missions, among other things, for; ConocoPhilips B11 and StatoilHydro Heidrun.

Abrajet system can also be modified and used for surface treatment, for more information about the visit this page.