Abrajet/UHP-the removal of rust and paint

Abrajet system is based on a clean technology-on Waterjet technology.

Watech has developed a new system named Abrajet. It is a new surface treatment technology that is fast and efficient, with respect to rust removal and removal of paint. Abrajet can also be used for the removal of old insulation on valves/tubes, as well as PolyUrethan linings. Abrajet system is PLS managed and changes and adjustments in the application is done easily in the computer's panel. Abrajet can be mounted to a robotic arm for precise steering. It can also be used with a hand-held high-pressure gun with fixed nozzles or with rotating nozzles.

The removal of rust and paint occurs by having small amounts of abrasiver mixed in the water and flushed with a press of 750 bar. The purity can range from only the stripping of a coat paint to complete the removal of the paint and rust down to pure metal. The beam has great power. The rotating Dysehode has 2 nozzles with a capacity of 30 LPM that allow the desired effect to be achieved very quickly. Dysehode can also be supplied with 1 rotating nozzle then with a capacity of 15 LPM.

Abrajet system has incredible capacity. It has an effect of 20-40 m2/h. Watech can supply various plants developed with diesel engine or electric. In standard workmanship or in Ex workmanship. The Abrajet pistol is based on a two-handed grip and has electrical remote control that can be used in explosive areas.

The method removes salts, chlorides, fats and the like. It is an environmentally friendly method with no contamination to air. The Abrajet beam is very quieter in relation to the ultrahøytrykkspyling and sandblasting. At 5 metres away it is only measured up to 90 decibels and at 10 meters distance down to 84 decibels. The high-pressure beam without abrasiver is ideal for cleaning and flushing. Removes loose particles and ingrained contamination. The system can be effectively used for interior cleaning in pipes. The nozzle is mounted on a centered wagon and pulled through the pipe using the hose. This can be done manually or by a hydraulic hose drum. The pipe is completely clean all the way to white metal. with rotating nozzles.

Abrajet Beam can be easily constructed into a water-loving beam. Read more about it here.

Watech has received a patent for the Abrajet system & See more information here:

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