About us
Watech AS is located at Kvernevik Ring 177, 4048 Hafrsfjord, where we have offices, workshop and outside working facilities. Our workshop is complete with modern equiptment, such as CNC water cutting machines and CNC lathe center. In addition we use DAK/DAP programming systems and modeling software. Our costumers are in the offshore and marine industry, onshore and goverment departments. Watech AS main business is development and sales of services and equiptment within the water cutting and industrial cleaning industry by using a modern high pressure technology. We are also a supplier of pumps and nozzles.
  • Our services includes water cutting, machining, consulting, designing systems, development, production, sales, service and rentals.
  • Watech AS aims to be a supplier that solve assignments and utilize available resources in an optimal and efficient way.
  • Our quality system is with reference to NS-ISO standards.